Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 9

Today, I didn't make much progress in my creative endeavors.  I didn't make much progress in anything thanks to the nasty cold that kept me wishing I was asleep in bed all day.  But mainly, I had a difficult time figuring out what really makes me happy these days.

Jeremy and I have both been trying hard to make vision boards lately.  You know, the things "The Secret" talked about.  Basically, they are boards filled with images and words that represent goals for your future.  You put it up somewhere you will see it everyday, and your subconscious helps keep those goals active in your brain.  Therefore, you are more likely to put the energy into achieving those goals than before.

Of course, figuring out those goals can be a challenge.  It definitely is for me.  What are my goals for the future?  What means something to me?  What do I want to look at every single day?  These are the questions that kept plaguing my thoughts all day long, and I have yet to find the answers.  I hope I do soon, though, cause these questions are driving me crazy.

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